The Importance of a Responsive Website

In order for this to happen, there are a number of factors that need to be considered. For a start, the performance of a website is heavily influenced by the web hosting solution. Furthermore, the content that is produced must be engaging and easy to read/view. In addition to this, the website should be responsive so that the visitor gets a great experience regardless of which type of device they are using.

What are you waiting for? You could quickly get a responsive website up and running to ensure that mobile users become customers because they love your website so much. You might be surprised at how easily you could get going with a new site that drives more conversions!

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Factors Affecting Your Internet Speed

There’s nothing more frustrating than having slow Internet connection. But what is slowing your Internet down? This Infographic from BlueGadgetTooth will show you 10 factors that can be slowing down your Internet. From placing your wireless router to a perfect spot, using the fastest browser to having the latest hardware, we’ve got you covered. Check out the Infographic and boost your Internet speed with a few simple tips.

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