The Magnificent Multitude Of Beer [infographic]

If you’re anything like me then your first experiences with beer was probably an American lager. To be more specific you were probably trying to force down some warm Keystone next to your classmate’s pool while their parents were out of town. If you’re anything like me then you probably see your high school self as some absurd caricature of embarrassment. Maybe American brewing will never be taken seriously. At least it’s appropriate in the sense that it’s hard to take yourself seriously when you can’t recall any memory where a case of light beer was present.

Some people find that an ice cold Natty still gets the job done while others have become full fledged beer snobs. Either way there’s something to learn for even the most knowledgable beer drinker from this infographic. Be sure to take this information and use it wisely however. Nobody likes the guy who won’t shut up about his imperial stout, but nobody likes that dude who’s running around the party wearing the empty cardboard that once housed twentyfour blue and silver cans on his head either. There’s a time to kick back and indulge in a microbrew and there’s time when you need utility in a can because you’ve just got to rage. All things in moderation.


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The Marshmallow’s Rise to Fame [infographic]

Halloween 2009, my mother worked hard for no particular reason (other than that she is awesome) to make popcorn balls for my theater class. I was a senior that year, and very popular among the thespians. When I showed up to class with popcorn balls, everyone dug in, even the vegans. As you may know, popcorn balls are often held together by marshmallow fluff, and marshmallow fluff is often NOT vegan friendly. It wasn’t 5 minutes later that I had a bawling vegan on my hands. She blamed me for causing her to eat an animal’s flesh in the form of marshmallow fluff. I wouldn’t be annoyed if this was a legitimate I-know-about-things-and-care-about-animals vegan, but this was a I-held-a-door-open-for-a-girl-once-and-she-said-thank-you-now-she-is-my best-friend-and-she-is-vegan-so-I-am-a-vegan-too kind of girl, no judgment. After the bawl fest the girl continued to receive comfort from others with “the animal was already dead, don’t think about it, it was already dead.” But guess what audience! Turns out that the popcorn balls were made out of peanut butter, not marshmallow! So she didn’t break her door-opening covenant!

Marshmallows are gross unless they are toasted.

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The Complete History Of Coffee [infographic]

Today’s infographic gives us a look at the history of America’s favorite pick-me-up: coffee. An estimated 1.6 billion cups of coffee are enjoyed around the world each day. This infographic shows a pleasantly structured historical timeline of the process of coffee making and some of the people involved.

Make no mistake about it, coffee is an art form to many. Some people take their coffee seriously and are constantly searching for ways to create the perfect cup. The best method I’m told is not the french press method–which I had grown quite fond of. The single-cup pour-over method is apparently the best way to go. A passionate coffee maker, barista, and local business owner recently enlightened me with this information, and also shared the secret of presoaking coffee grounds to achieve a “blooming effect.” If you pour hot water over your coffee grounds and let them soak for 30-45 seconds apparently gases are able to escape and the coffee is able to “bloom,” which results in a better tasting beverage.

I think it’s also worth noting that 54% of coffee drinkers say that coffee makes them feel more like themselves. But maybe they just like their caffeinated selves a little bit better. Either way, check out today’s infographic to learn more about your favorite cup of joe. [Via]


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Breakfast From Around the World [infographic]

In honor of the final episode of Breaking Bad that aired this week, let’s give a shout out to breakfast–the most important meal of the day–and by far, Walt Jr.’s favorite.

Today’s infographic explores more than just bacon and eggs. It gives us a look at dining tables of breakfast eaters from around the world. Australians apparently prefer a brown spread called Vegemite on their toast in the morning; the Japanese enjoy soy beans on rice; the Moroccans like lamb stew; and Argentineans frequently sip Yerba Mate–a delicious, highly caffeinated tea.

And I couldn’t profess my love for breakfast properly without acknowledging a Texas favorite, the all-mighty and powerful breakfast taco. My personal favorite: potato, egg, cheese, and nopalitos (prickly pear!).

We’ve also probably all heard that in order to start your day right you need to eat a healthy breakfast. And according to today’s infographic, eating breakfast everyday makes you less likely to develop diabetes, and may even decrease your chances of becoming obese. Kids who eat breakfast also score 17.5% higher on math tests!

And let’s not forget that winter is approaching. I think eating a hot breakfast when the weather gets chilly is particularly satisfying. For me, a bowl of oatmeal or miso soup is the best way to wake up.

Go ahead, dig into today’s delicious infographic, and have a great rest of your day! [Via]


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Brain Boosters and Brain Busters [infographic]

“Hey I’m getting Chinese, do you want anything?”

Normally I would say “Heck yeah! Get me some of that General Tso chicken!”

Eating junky food is so easy. Not to mention it tastes awesome. So often it is much easier for time’s sake to get something unhealthy than it is to get something healthy. Many believe that as long as you look fit and healthy it means that you actually are. But that is a farce. What good is looking fit if your brain isn’t getting the proper nutrients?

Eating right can be easy! All you need is to be informed. The following infograph will show you simple foods you can eat to keep your mind bright and functioning and how you can even avoid the illnesses that can often come with age.

Stay away from the salty foods! Not only are they bad for your brain, they’re bad for your heart. Stop with the fast food. If it helps, carry a backpack with healthy snacks. Plan ahead! Eating healthy doesn’t need to be expensive. Stores have deals on fish and fruits all the time. Even nuts sometimes.

The important thing is that you are aware of how the food you consume will affect you in the long run. If looking fit turns people on, shouldn’t a brain with a healthy dose of all the essentials be sexy too? [via]


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