10 Beneficios del Running

Most of the times we run just for fun or to lose weight, but the benefits of running include much more than those. From preventing heart diseases to having better performance in bed, running is an all-around exercise. We wanted to explain some of these in an easy to read infographic so you have a better understanding and tell your family and friends, and why not, motivate others to start practising this sport. In short, this infographic will try to educate you about all the benefits of running so you can start a healthier life and live longer overall.


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Fun & Easy Summer Trips from Baltimore

The city of Baltimore is surrounded by a variety of destinations that are perfect for families to visit and explore during the summer. We’ve listed the top 15 destinations that are only an hour to three hours away from Baltimore that makes these locations the best day trips from Baltimore for family and friends. From beaches to historical sites, you can plan our your summer to visit these great destinations and still be home in time to put the kids to bed. Print or save this infographic from ezStorage as a reference when you’re looking to planning quick and easy, one day getaway.


Family Day Trips from Baltimore

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Companion Planting [infographic]

For those of you with a green thumb, or are beginner gardeners, you might find today’s infographic on the concept of “companion planting” rather interesting. I myself, don’t have a great track record with growing fruits and vegetables, but with today’s chart maybe now I will!

Just like us, plants are living creatures, and they get along better with some more than others. Being surrounded by those you can’t stand can be suffocating for humans, and even fatal for plants. Look at today’s chart to find the right combination of plants to put in your garden together. It’s a plant compatibility chart, if you will, so your plants can not only grow, but thrive.

This gardening cheat-sheet shows plants that grow well together, combinations that help control pests and bugs, combinations that are good for your garden in general, and plants that should never go near each other.

Some of these pairings seem picture-esque, like sunflowers and corn–or a recipe for a delicious meal, like tomatoes and basil. But some pairings just don’t sound right…like strawberries and broccoli.

Check out today’s graphic and don’t force a match that isn’t meant to be. It might result in a combination that’s not exactly pleasing to your senses or your garden. [Via]


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Incandescent Vs LED Christmas Lights [infographic]

As Halloween quickly approaches, it’s time to start thinking about the holiday that matters the most year round. Christmas, is without a doubt, a time that brings families and communities together in celebration, and even competition. We all love to get involved with traditions and festivities that go along with “the most wonderful time of the year.”

Christmas lights bring back so many memories for so many people that the tradition of hanging lights is a fun, yet thoroughly arduous activity. After all the hard work is done, there definitely comes a sense of thankfulness. Once you have your lights up, you can be thankful that you have a roof over head, you can be thankful that your lights will more often than not make others happy, as well as make you feel that you are a part of something bigger than yourself.

Although Christmas lights bring happy feelings and look great, Christmas lights can be expensive. According to this infographic, people can be spending way more than they have to on their electric bill. Although LED lights are more expensive than incandescents, the cost of running them is far below the cost to run incandescents.

Though not traditional, LEDs run with lower wattage, longer life-spans, you can connect more strings, and you never have to replace bulbs. By saving on electricity (money), you have more money to spend on those you care for and more time to enjoy it with them. [via]



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A Timeline of Schoolyard Sensations [infographic]

It wasn’t really acing my spelling test or getting a check plus on my homework assignment–though that’s what was relayed to my parents–that made a day in elementary school so great. It wasn’t even the gold star on my star chart or getting chosen for after school safety patrol that made me bounce giddily at the dinner table. The real glamor of elementary school life takes place on the playground. You could guarantee a happy little camper as long as recess included the following: (1) a well fed Tamagochi, (2) my sparkly spider Pog slammer dominating in a game of Pogs, and (3) being chased by my crush until one of us falls and skins our knee.

I hadn’t thought of those simple times in many moons, not until I read this infographic on the history of schoolyard sensations. It’s a serious blast from the past. I know far too many on this list (Chicago Bulls TY Beanie Baby anyone?). Thankfully, I have no idea what Beyblades are. I don’t want to know what Beyblades are.  What would you say the present day schoolyard sensation is? The iPhone 5s? [via]

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