Last Meals [infographic]

If asked to choose what my last meal on earth would be, the answer is simple: macaroni and cheese. However, the likelihood consciously eating a meal knowing all the while that it is my last is highly unlikely, and I hope it remains that way. There are very few circumstances where I would have the opportunity to choose something like that, and the ones that are currently coming to mind involve me committing a despicable crime.

This particular infographic presents last meals in a different way. It shows us what is believed to be the last meal of some of the most iconic laid-to-rest figures sorted by caloric content on a scale of simple to fancy. Weird, right? I like it.

For example, the most fancy and caloric of them all was Titanic Captain Edward Smith, eating oysters a la Russe (part of a 12-course meal). Somewhere in the middle we have Hemingway with a New York Strip, baked potato, and a caesar salad. One of my favorites has to be Frank Sinatra with a grilled cheese sandwich. More than anything, this infographic has got me realizing just how famous these people were to have a graphic designed according to the last thing they ate before heading six feet under. [via]

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