Dog World Records [Infographic]

You know what I like about dogs? Everything. Dogs are the most innocent, and pure creatures on this planet. Even when a dog poops inside, it does so out of love- in a way that we humans cannot even begin to understand. You’ve got to love dogs- if you don’t I’m pretty sure you’re a serial killer or something.

Anyway- what could be even greater than dogs? There are many answers: hugging a dog, petting a dog, and giving a dog peanut butter. But there is one answer that is better than the rest- a piece of gold that stands out amongst the silver. That is World Records… by dogs! Dog World Records. If there were a Guinness Book of Dog World Records, I would read that book over and over again, and throw down at least $39.95 for it.

There are so many things that certain dogs have been the best at among dogs! For instance: Brandy, a Boxer from the good ol’ USA had the longest tongue ever at 43cm, that’s over a foot! The tallest dog ever was none other than Giant George, a Great Dane also from the United States. There are dozens of dogs that have earned the right to carve their names into the Milkbone Cathedral (that’s not a real thing but I’m making it one as soon as I have the money). Read today’s infographic and learn about the greatest canines in the world. [Via]


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Are You a Cat Person or a Dog Person? [infographic]

Forget baby fever. I have a serious case of animal fever. The same thing happened to me about a year ago when I got my bunny Bella. Don’t get me wrong, I love my rabbit. She is absolutely the most adorable thing I have ever owned. I just want another friend, and for her to have a friend. While the obvious choice is to get another rabbit, they won’t always bond together. I know for a fact that Bella likes dogs, but I can’t decide what I prefer.

Have you ever wondered if you’re more of a dog person or a cat person? Did you know your personality, education, certain preferences and even where you live influence which you care more for? For instance, cat people are more likely to be introverts while dog people are more likely to be extroverted. Women are more likely to own cats, and students are more likely to own dogs. A lot of these statistics seem fitting, especially based on the personality types of most dogs and cats I’ve come across. I think the most interesting category of differences is how people use or view technology.

After discovering this infographic, I feel no closer to making a decision on what animal I should get next. Unfortunately, I identify equally with a lot of the characteristics for both types, particularly those concerning personality. Since I can’t decide between a cat and a dog, I guess I’ll just have to get both.


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Cost Of Owning A Pet [Infographic]

22 years old, and college graduation approaches. I can’t think of a more perfect graduation present to myself than a dog. I have a job lined up, a house with a yard- why not?

Well this infographic might make me think twice. It outlines the first year cost of dogs and cats (I’m not a cat person, so personally I’ll be disregarding that but it’s useful info for you cat people).

My first instinct told me that food would probably be the biggest cost. Not quite. Health insurance and reoccurring health related expenses together cost nearly four times the $120 it takes on average to feed a dog for a year. The numbers for cats are significantly lower than that- but it still costs quite a bit more to keep a cat healthy for a year than it does to feed it.

Remember Bob Barker, “Get your pets spayed or neutered!”- that’s good and all, but he never mentioned how much that costs: $200 for a dog and $145 for a cat. I guess that’s s small price to pay to avoid running a puppy mill and or kitten haven, but that’s definitely not chunk change.

Looks like getting a dog might cost a little bit more than I thought- this infographic estimates that it would cost about $1,500 in the first year. Yikes. Good thing I got that job. It’s less than that for a cat- $1,035, but cats are nowhere near as cool as dogs (sorry!). When was the last time you saw a cat fetch? Anyway- if any of you out there are thinking of acquiring a pet, take a look at this infographic first and make sure you can afford it, otherwise you’ll be eating ramen every night to make sure you can feed that furry friend. [Via]



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Which States Love Dogs the Most? [Infographic]

Dogs are one of America’s top pets; they are man’s best friend, after all. America has a huge amount of dog owners, with one in three households being home to a furry friend, and two thirds of that number consider their dog a family member. Which states in the U.S. tend to own more dogs than others, though? On the other hand, which states have the fewest percentage of dog owners?

Today’s infographic from the Huffington Post gives us a look at some statistics for dog ownership across America. Most people getting a new dog are going to do so at a shelter, which is usually always good for the dog and shelter alike. Thankfully, very few people obtain their dog as a gift, since giving a pet as a gift can often be a bad idea.

For more info on dog ownership in America have a look at the graphic below. [Via]

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