World’s Largest Super Cranes – Infographic

At MMI Tank and Industrial Services we use cranes a lot during our industrial construction projects. So we thought it would be fun to create this infographic of the Worlds Largest Cranes. Can you believe in the last 6 years the lifting capacity for cranes has more than tripled? To help understand just how much these cranes can lift, we converted their lifting capacities into other fun objects such as elephants and killer whales. How many space shuttles could the worlds largest crane lift…read below to find out. What do you think? We hope you enjoy this graphic as much as we enjoyed making it.

Worlds Largest Super Cranes

The Biggest Waves Ever Surfed [Infographic]

I’ve always wanted to learn how to surf. It looks so peaceful and zen, despite the fact that it is basically an art of controlled falling. I’ve gotten into some of the more modern ‘extreme’ boarding like snowboarding and skateboarding, but I feel like surfing is really the seed of these now so-called ‘extreme sports’.

It’s believed that the ancient Polynesians (progenitors of Hawaii) started the act of surfing. The first written record was by Joseph Banks aboard the HMS endeavor in 1779, although the cultural custom of surfing most likely predates this record. The ancient Hawaiians regarded surfing, or he’e nalu (wave sliding), as an almost sacred activity to communicate with the ocean and pray for their protection and strength. I bet every single one of the surfers on this infographic were praying as well. Most likely praying for their life not to end after riding these giant tsunami-waves.

As you can see, this infographic uses the friggin’ Statue of Liberty as a scale for how massive these waves are. EFF THAT’S HUGE. You can even see all of the puny air we’ve gotten through other methods – snowboarding, skating, jumping, etc. Nothing can quite get you higher than that thing that takes up about 70% of earth.



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