The Magnificent Multitude Of Beer [infographic]

If you’re anything like me then your first experiences with beer was probably an American lager. To be more specific you were probably trying to force down some warm Keystone next to your classmate’s pool while their parents were out of town. If you’re anything like me then you probably see your high school self as some absurd caricature of embarrassment. Maybe American brewing will never be taken seriously. At least it’s appropriate in the sense that it’s hard to take yourself seriously when you can’t recall any memory where a case of light beer was present.

Some people find that an ice cold Natty still gets the job done while others have become full fledged beer snobs. Either way there’s something to learn for even the most knowledgable beer drinker from this infographic. Be sure to take this information and use it wisely however. Nobody likes the guy who won’t shut up about his imperial stout, but nobody likes that dude who’s running around the party wearing the empty cardboard that once housed twentyfour blue and silver cans on his head either. There’s a time to kick back and indulge in a microbrew and there’s time when you need utility in a can because you’ve just got to rage. All things in moderation.


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