A Timeline of Schoolyard Sensations [infographic]

It wasn’t really acing my spelling test or getting a check plus on my homework assignment–though that’s what was relayed to my parents–that made a day in elementary school so great. It wasn’t even the gold star on my star chart or getting chosen for after school safety patrol that made me bounce giddily at the dinner table. The real glamor of elementary school life takes place on the playground. You could guarantee a happy little camper as long as recess included the following: (1) a well fed Tamagochi, (2) my sparkly spider Pog slammer dominating in a game of Pogs, and (3) being chased by my crush until one of us falls and skins our knee.

I hadn’t thought of those simple times in many moons, not until I read this infographic on the history of schoolyard sensations. It’s a serious blast from the past. I know far too many on this list (Chicago Bulls TY Beanie Baby anyone?). Thankfully, I have no idea what Beyblades are. I don’t want to know what Beyblades are.  What would you say the present day schoolyard sensation is? The iPhone 5s? [via]

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