Marathons by the Numbers [infographic]

As you know, the Boston Marathon was this past Monday. Normally the Boston Marathon is a special event for all runners because it is one of the most prestigious running events around. Many runners hold the Boston marathon as a life goal to reach because of the incredibly tough qualifying times. For example, As a 23 year old female I would need to run 26.2 miles in 3 hours and 35 minutes. Thats about 8:12 minutes per mile, for 26.2 miles! I could only hope to keep that pace if I was running downhill with the wind at my back. Boston Marathon aside, marathon races are a true feat of strength that requires rigorous training, a healthy diet, and extreme dedication. Don’t let the qualifying times discourage you, a friend of mine went from being an overweight couch potato, to a 2014 Boston Marathon finisher averaging a 7 minute pace throughout the race. Are you inspired yet? Check out today’s infographic about marathons and see how many marathons your state hosts. Maybe set a goal to complete a marathon this time next year! I’m certainly inspired. I know I already have my sights set on next year’s Austin Marathon! Ready, set, run! [via]

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