Kids These Days [Infographic]

Get off my lawn with your iPads, ya hooligans! If you know kids these days, you’ll know that they just love technology, let me tell you what! In fact, there are so many different tools to utilize, it’s hard to even know what kinds to invest in. Cell phone, iphone, ipad, nexus, android, mac, pc, etc. It’s a bit boggling.

This infographic, done by a local college, investigates what percentages of Freshman students are bringing in what. Granted, this is a smaller, private college, so the results may be skewed from your own, but nevertheless illuminates what technologies are being utilized the most in preparation for BECOMING AN ADULT BY GOING TO COLLEGE (echo). In all seriousness though, technologies really are shaping the modern job market and what is possible in global communication, as well as education.

The top-most percentages correspond with the overall campus population. The smallest number of these happens to be desktop computers. This isn’t surprising due to the popular use of laptops for portability and for taking notes in class; but more and more I’ve found that tablets are becoming very popular for this particular task. It’d be awesome to know what percentage would prefer taking notes on tablets as opposed to laptops…

All in all it’s a great age to live in where media, art, and knowledge can be so easily communicated across our planet. The future of education really does lie in the digital realm.


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Stop Running From Your Home Energy Bill [Infographic]

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from living in Texas during the summer, it’s that energy bills can be a major pain. Just from past experience it makes sense why our state has one of the five highest electricity bills in the nation. What I didn’t know, however, is that things weren’t always this bad. In the last three years energy bills have risen by an astounding 37%. This can be attributed to the increased use of household appliances and electronic devices (not just the weather). Also, surprisingly, newer houses (year 2000 and later) typically use 2% more energy. So can anything be done to lower these costs? The simple answer is yes, but it may take some habit breaking and some smart use of technology.

In my house, I’m constantly having to turn off lights, appliances, stereos, etc. that my roommates leave on forever. The reason I do this is because through actively regulating how much energy you’re using actually can make a difference in your utility bill. This in combination with lowering the thermostat during winter and turning off the air during summer (when you don’t need it AKA when you’re out of the house) will also be a life-saver for your energy use. Now with smart technologies such as Nest and ADT, you can sync your house thermostat, appliance use and lighting options with your phones, tablets, or computers to change your electricity usage even when you aren’t at home! I’m curious to see how technologies such as these will impact the nation’s average energy bill in the future. We shall see.


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