Infographic: Hot Data – Has Your Data Been Compromised?

Mankind’s search for a meaningful identity in an often confusing world is as old as our species itself. But on the Internet, matters of identity are less about discovering who you might be than they are about protecting who you already are. Identity theft cost consumers over $18 billion in 2012 alone, and with identity theft claiming a new victim every three seconds, data security has become both a major concern for consumers and a very profitable business for the credit industry. In addition to security vulnerabilities or malicious attacks from domestic hackers, international attacks are also a concern for private citizens, corporate behemoths, and government institutions.

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Infographic: How to Create the Perfect Password

So what constitutes the “perfect” password? If you’re serious about security, a strong password will include a mix of upper and lower case letters, numbers, symbols, and even non-keyboard characters. It will be unique (using the same password for everything might be common, but it’s also spectacularly unsafe). Strong, adequate, or weak, no password can protect against every possible threat. But by following our tips, you can help keep your social media accounts in your own hands, make your financial info safer, and encourage meddling thieves and hackers to seek easier prey.
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