7 Tips For Joining A New Gym

You may find the task of joining a gym after a long period of not being a regular gym goer a bit of a challenge. Knowing what type of fitness program to do, how often to go and even how to use the equipment are all common areas of concern.

Fortunately, the team at Gyms Adelaide have compiled a list of seven key points to focus on when choosing a gym.

How To Choose Ice Hockey Skates

What’s in a pair of hockey skates? Everything, if you’re in it for the long haul. Knowing how to choose the best skates for you involves looking at various facets of the skates itself. What works for one player does not necessarily work for another. Hockey Pursuits released this infographic that details various roles that each part plays in a skate, as well as the many simple tests you could perform to check if the skates you want to buy are suitable for you. A good pair of hockey skates should be a good investment that stands the test of time on the ice.

The Psychology Of Extreme Sports Infographic

Our brain is truly a wonderful thing. When we accomplish something, we get euphoric with our success that you almost feel high. Extreme sport enthusiasts get this same euphoric feeling when they accomplish a feat that many others would not dare to follow. This infographic by Extreme Sports Land reveals that our brain releases endorphins when we succeed in something. And doing something that puts you on the map can only give you euphoria like you’ve never experienced. Imagine facing death and danger and knowing that you are prepared to sail through it to come out victorious. Facing your fears produces true winners, and nobody can say that extreme sports athletes are cowards from any angle.

Infographic presented by: extremesportsland.com