Guitar Effects Infographic History

An infographic detailing the history of guitar effects, starting all the way back to the 1930s with Rickenbacker’s Vibrola Spanish Guitar and progressing to the present day. 
Along the way, we’ll see iconic guitar-effect breakthroughs like gain and reverb in the 1940s to 1950s’ effects like fuzz (discovered by accidentally dropping a Fender Bass amp on a rainy street!) and distortion (the fortuitous discovery when Link Wray stabbed a hole in his amp’s speaker). 
The guitar effects hit their stride in the 1960s with the first transistor-powered guitar pedals, including the first wah-wah pedals  and the first octave effect pedal among glorious others.  The explosion of effects pedals in the 1970s reverberates today:  signal alterations, distortion, modulation, time-based effects, and filter effects. 
A timeline of all these effects along with the iconic musicians who used what—Bo Diddley’s Trem Trol 800 Tremolo, Jimi Hendrix’s Leslie rotating speaker, the Rolling Stones’ Maestro Fuzz Tone, etc. 


How Technology Impacted Music: 50 Years of Change

Over the past two years, leading mobile phone and gadget insurer, loveit coverit, have been exploring and assessing the impact that smartphones have had on our modern life; from the effect on childhoods, to relationships and shopping. In this new research piece, they’re looking at how smartphones have changed the way we listen to, enjoy, and consume music. Supported by testimony from industry professionals and independent research, this is a holistic examination of the positives and negatives that technology has brought to the music scene.
As a visual representation, this infographic explores the past 50 years of music technology, highlighting the key points where the medium as been impacted forever. This includes when vinyl and tapes were first introduced, to the rise and fall of the CD format, and when streaming services first made their mark on the industry. If you’re looking for some interesting facts about music history, and want to see how far we’ve come, this is perfect for you!
when streaming services first made their mark on the music industry

Which Major City is Best to Live In? [infographic]

Well, I finally got a big girl job and am making a big move from the Rio Grande Valley (southern Texas), all the way to north Austin. I’ve always loved Austin, but I’m not too familiar with it. So naturally, I’ve been researching EVERYTHING about Austin. Places to eat, fun things to do, different parks, etc. During my search, I came upon this interesting infographic, “Which Major City is Best to Live In?” Luckily, Austin made that cut. According to today’s infographic, Austin is the 12th best place to live, and is considered the city of live music. Other great cities made the cut too, such as: San Diego, Scottsdale, and Raleigh.  Ready for a change and looking to move? Check out today’s infographic to see what these fabulous cities have to offer! [via]

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