Fun & Easy Summer Trips from Baltimore

The city of Baltimore is surrounded by a variety of destinations that are perfect for families to visit and explore during the summer. We’ve listed the top 15 destinations that are only an hour to three hours away from Baltimore that makes these locations the best day trips from Baltimore for family and friends. From beaches to historical sites, you can plan our your summer to visit these great destinations and still be home in time to put the kids to bed. Print or save this infographic from ezStorage as a reference when you’re looking to planning quick and easy, one day getaway.


Family Day Trips from Baltimore

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Halloween Pop Costume Index [Infographic]

For 30 years, Spirit Halloween, the largest seasonal Halloween retailer in North America, has had its finger on the pulse of pop culture, as the year’s most unforgettable moments often translate to the most memorable Halloween costumes. In recent years, Charlie Sheen won our attention, Lady Gaga’s fashion choices had us buzzing, and the cast of The Jersey Shore fist-pumped onto the scene. In 2013, Halloween enthusiasts everywhere will be twerkin’ what their momma gave them.

To celebrate its 30th Anniversary, Spirit Halloween tapped into the archives to identify the box office hits, small screen stars and celebrities that kept the nation talking. The first-ever “Pop-Costume Index,” illustrates the intersection between pop culture and popular costumes during the past three decades. This dynamic infographic includes fun facts, such as:

· Perennial Favorites – Princess Leia’s famous gold bikini debuted in 1983 and continues to be a popular costume 30 years later. Even today, nothing says “Bad Guy” like Darth Vader, another sought-after look.

· Partners in Crime – Batman and his sensational counterparts – Robin, Catwoman and The Joker – were top costumes in 1989, 1992, 1997 and 2008.

· Take a Bite out of the Costume Competition – Twilight’s overwhelming popularity in 2009 resurrected a Halloween costume classic – vampires – in the same way Pirates of the Caribbean helped pirate-themed costumes become a Halloween favorite in 2003.

· Not Just for Kids – Children’s hit television programs such as the Care Bears (1986), Barney (1993) and SpongeBob SquarePants (2004) not only won the hearts of kids across the country, but also led the way in costume trends for adults.

To find your perfect costume and a store near you, visit

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When Ugly Turns to Beautiful: Ugly Christmas Sweater [infographic]

Until reading this infographic put together by, I was not aware of just how popular the ugly Christmas sweater is. I, like Canada, wanted to believe that my friends and I had thrown the first ugly Christmas sweater party in history. In other words, I was certain that I was the first ever to wrap myself in itchy wool and ironic jingle bells while drinking warm cider in the dead of winter with my friends.

This year I think I will be the first to wear them genuinely. No ulterior motive, just a celebration of all things merry and bright written all over my sweater. When people ask me why I wear them all the time, I will respond by saying, “Because I love Christmas.” Then I will wink in the direction of the North Pole. Or is that already a thing too?

I will also be buying each and every one of my siblings one. What better way to ring in the holiday cheer than with all four siblings wearing red “Merry Christmas You Filthy Animal” sweaters while Home Alone (as per Christmas usual) plays in the background? The answer is, nothing. There is nothing that would make my siblings and I happier than that! So do what you must, but know, that no good Christmas without ugly Christmas sweaters goes unpunished. Let take care of you. [via]

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Incandescent Vs LED Christmas Lights [infographic]

As Halloween quickly approaches, it’s time to start thinking about the holiday that matters the most year round. Christmas, is without a doubt, a time that brings families and communities together in celebration, and even competition. We all love to get involved with traditions and festivities that go along with “the most wonderful time of the year.”

Christmas lights bring back so many memories for so many people that the tradition of hanging lights is a fun, yet thoroughly arduous activity. After all the hard work is done, there definitely comes a sense of thankfulness. Once you have your lights up, you can be thankful that you have a roof over head, you can be thankful that your lights will more often than not make others happy, as well as make you feel that you are a part of something bigger than yourself.

Although Christmas lights bring happy feelings and look great, Christmas lights can be expensive. According to this infographic, people can be spending way more than they have to on their electric bill. Although LED lights are more expensive than incandescents, the cost of running them is far below the cost to run incandescents.

Though not traditional, LEDs run with lower wattage, longer life-spans, you can connect more strings, and you never have to replace bulbs. By saving on electricity (money), you have more money to spend on those you care for and more time to enjoy it with them. [via]



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