Wood Planer Buying Guide

We created this post to help you find the wood planer that’s best for you. There are quite a few things that determine which planer you should buy.

For instance, your skill level, how much space you have, how often you will use it, do you want it to be portable or stationary, overall ease of use and of course, how much does it cost and where is the best place to buy.

A wood planer allows you to plane the surface of a piece of wood to smooth out a poorly finished surface, mill the piece to a custom thickness, and mill multiple boards to the same thickness. This type of tool is critical for millwork cabinets and furniture work.

Infographic presented by: www.toolpowers.com

Tips to Improve Your Curb Appeal

Get your home ready for summer with these easy tips on how to maximize your potential profit before you list it for sale with your favorite real estate agent. From getting your windows professionally cleaned to fixing broken gates and fences there are plenty of ways you can improve your homes curb appeal for under $1,000. Did you also know that upgrading your garage door and installing a new HVAC unit can increase your home value by up 4%? These are repairs that are both useful cosmetically and as well being a huge plus for home shoppers. Don’t forget to also consider giving your home a splash of color by painting your front door. It will dramatically enhance your curb appeal.

Curbside Appeal Infographic
Infographic presented by: www.serviz.com

World’s Largest Super Cranes – Infographic

At MMI Tank and Industrial Services we use cranes a lot during our industrial construction projects. So we thought it would be fun to create this infographic of the Worlds Largest Cranes. Can you believe in the last 6 years the lifting capacity for cranes has more than tripled? To help understand just how much these cranes can lift, we converted their lifting capacities into other fun objects such as elephants and killer whales. How many space shuttles could the worlds largest crane lift…read below to find out. What do you think? We hope you enjoy this graphic as much as we enjoyed making it.

Worlds Largest Super Cranes