What Drugs May Cause Weight Gain and How to Reverse the Side Effects

Prescription drugs are a fact of life for many people. If you rely on a certain medication to regulate your blood sugar, protect your immune system, or just ensure your overall health, you know the importance of drugs to treat specific medical conditions.
These drugs may keep you alive or may just make your life more pleasant and pain-free. Whatever type of drug you take, there is no medication that comes without its side effects. Some drugs ranging from antidepressants to allergy medications, can even cause weight gain, even if their overall benefits are worth it or necessary despite this unfortunate side effect. The weight gain is obviously worth it for a drug that keeps you alive and well.
So which drugs can cause weight gain and what can you do about? You may be able to reverse or lessen the side effects while continuing to take the medication as prescribed. Review the infographic below to learn more about drugs that cause weight gain and what you may be able to do about it.
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Aromatherapy for better sleep

Are you tossing and turning at night? Do you have a hard time relaxing and calming yourself when it’s time for bed? If so, aromatherapy maybe the answer.

Aromatherapy is the practice of using certain fragrances and oils that have been reputed to have some type of therapeutic effect or medicinal properties, and it has been used as both a primary treatment and a secondary auxiliary therapy.

One of the benefits of aromatherapy that has been extensively studied is the effectiveness of this type of therapy in terms of improving the quality and duration of one’s sleep, particularly in patients who suffer from hyper-anxiety disorders or insomnia.

It has been widely concluded, even by those who are skeptical of these types of alternative treatments, that regardless of whether or not aromatherapy proves effective, it certainly does no harm or has the potential for any ill effects at all.

Consider the following facts concerning aromatherapy and sleep:
A 2015 study in Turkey that involved using lavender essential oil via inhalation method on 60 ICU patients (the study was prompted because the patients in the ICU were having really terrible sleep issues, and the researchers wanted to try whatever they could to alleviate the insomnia for these patients and ICU patients everywhere).

The clinical finding (based on the patient’s responses to two separate standardized tests that determine sleep quality) that the 2% lavender essential oil solution delivered via inhalation absolutely had a positive, measurable, and marked effect on these patient’s ability to rest adequately, and furthermore, many of these patients were experiencing simultaneous cardiac issues which the anxiolytic effect of the lavender oil seemed to depreciate as well. By relieving some of the anxiety and stress from which these patients were suffering, the lavender oil improved their ability to rest and their conditions in general.

Although aromatherapy would not be recommended as the primary treatment for severe, chronic, medical sleep disorders, it most certainly should be considered as an adjunct or auxiliary treatment, and if no serious sleep disorder exists, then aromatherapy likely will be adequate in terms of alleviating mild cases of stress induced insomnia.

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Delicious Vegan CBD Gummies

Delicious Vegan CBD Gummies are 100% Natural and Organic! They are made with 100% organic full-spectrum CBD from Colorado-grown hemp. You can be sure that vegan CBD gummies are made with the best quality and highest potency in mind.
CBD Gummies are defiantly eco-friendly. They are made Cruelty-Free and contain NO animal Gelatin, NO Animal Byproducts, NO Corn Syrup, NO Gluten, NO GMO’s, NO Artificial Flavors, Colors, or Preservatives. All flavors and colors are made from natural fruit and vegetable extracts.
These Vegan CBD Gummies are made to maximize the bioavailability and delivery of all the beneficial amino acids, terpenes, and cannabinoids to your body.
This is not your regular hemp gummy bear candy! CBD vegan gummies go through vigorous testing, development, and refining to formulate this unique, one of a kind guilt-free Vegan CBD gummy treat.
You might ask yourself “Do Vegan CBD edibles taste good?” Oh, indeed they do. You can try them out for yourself or read online what people say about the great taste of vegan CBD gummies.
Don’t Forget to Check the Lab Results
For most reputable brands of Vegan CBD gummies, you will be able to find lab results that will detail the concentrations of the various cannabinoids that are contained in the gummies.
The concentrations of CBD and THC are the most important to look at. The amount of CBD will help you determine the right dosage levels for you. The THC content will tell you if the gummies contain any of the psychoactive cannabinoids that are found in cannabis.
Lastly, always remember when looking for vegan CBD gummies: Try to verify that there are no animal products included in the ingredients that have been used to manufacture the gummies.
Why choose full-spectrum CBD
Why choose full-spectrum CBD gummies? Simply put, users have found the most success using full-spectrum CBD. This is because the full combination of CBD and the other cannabinoids working together has been found to have greater effectiveness. This phenomenon is also known as the “synergistic effect”.
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25 Common Medications: The Same Drug, Different Names? Part 1

Did you know that depending on where you live, the medication you take could go by a number of other names? In fact, many of the top-selling drugs in our Canadian pharmacy can be found with an entirely different name. But why does this happen?
Brand name medications can be different from country to country, depending on a number of factors. They typically boil down to the governing agency who is in charge of granting approvals, the manufacturer and if there is another manufacturer who also has access to the patent, what the drug is being marketed for (for example, if it has different uses), and more. What’s important, is to know which medication you’re taking and that comes down to its chemical/generic name.
Check out the following infographic from Canadian Pharmacy King to see 25 medications that go by different names, depending on where you live.
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A CBD Bath bomb is a form of topical CBD that you can incorporate with your bath. This allows the CBD oil to penetrate deep into your skin, to help you relax and rejuvenate after a long day. Taking a bath is a great way to unwind, relax, and soothe your skin. Adding a bath bomb can help soften your bath water to improve its moisturizing qualities while tantalizing your senses with calming aromas. Incorporating CBD will supply precious phytocannabinoids directly to cannabinoid receptors in your skin. Together this combination works to create an atmosphere that can invigorate your skin, body, and mind like no other.

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How to use CBD salve topical application

CBD Salve is made from 500mg of Full Spectrum CBD and uses all-natural ingredients for fast, holistic relief. This salve gives a soothing sensation on the skin, while the CBD is absorbed into the skin. This salve is perfect for athletes looking to recover after an intense workout. Use anywhere on the body for fast, effective relief!
What is CBD Salve?
CBD salve is a form of topical CBD oil that can be applied directly to the skin. Think of it as a natural ointment with CBD. Our salve uses a combination of Full-Spectrum CBD and a blend of essential oils formulated to maximize relief.
Typically, salves are the strongest type of CBD topicals available. They usually contain the highest concentrations of CBD in comparison to other topicals. Salves have been around for thousands of years, they are designed to penetrate deep into the muscles and surrounding tissues.
How Does CBD Salve Work?
CBD salve works like any other CBD topical. Topical CBD applications do not enter the bloodstream. They are not used for systemic purposes rather they penetrate the skin and surrounding tissues.
Your skin is a semi-permeable membrane so naturally, it absorbs anything you put on it, but did you know your skin is covered with special cannabinoid receptors. As the name suggests, these receptors specifically interact with cannabinoids, like CBD, when they come in contact.
These receptors work with a large internal network called the endocannabinoid system (ECS) to create specific actions when CBD topical is applied. These actions may help soothe irritated skin, ease joint mobility, relax the muscle, promote healthy skin, hair and more.
Why Do People use CBD Salve?
If you’ve done any research regarding CBD oil, then you should be familiar with its wide range of benefits. CBD salve can be particularly useful for common discomfort areas as the cannabinoids in the salve will spread out evenly over the specific area and penetrate the skin. This CBD salve is maximum strength for quick relief of targeted areas. It provides the benefits of full-spectrum CBD to your skin to nourish, protect and speed up recovery.
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