Top 13 Excel Facts & Statistics For You

Excel. It’s a program that has been around for decades, and it has experienced explosive growth in popularity over the last few years.  But what is it?

Excel is a software program that allows you to store and manipulate data. You can use Excel to create charts, graphs, and tables, as well as to perform calculations. It’s a great tool for business owners, students, and anyone who needs to track data.

Excel is available for both Windows and Mac users. There are two different versions: Excel 2016 and Excel for Office 365.

The 2016 version is the most recent release, while the Office 365 version is subscription-based. Both versions have the same features, but the Office 365 version offers additional tools, including the ability to collaborate with others in real time.

This infographic will illustrate the most popular facts about Excel brought to you by Spreadsheet Daddy:

Importance Of Customer Satisfaction

Finding it difficult to meet your ROI targets? Here’s a full breakdown on the importance of customer satisfaction in this detailed infographic by FM Outsource. It covers all about why keeping customers happy matters, how it can benefit your business and effective ways to measure it. To give you some inspiration, it also includes some useful tips on how to track it and simple ways to improve customer satisfaction. The complete guide is available here:
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Re-Examining Retail

 FM Outsource would like to share an infographic resource which highlights our in-depth analysis of the retail industry and what consumers should expect in 2021. The infographic design shows a variety of data and statistics from a recent survey report, which involved 300 consumers. The survey questions were based on consumers’ use of online retail and their honest views toward online customer services.
In return, we hope this gives retailers a better insight about their consumers’ needs in order to deliver a better online shopping experience.
Infographic presented by: FMOUTSOURCE.COM
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