Top 20 Pet Meds from Canada Pharmacy Online

Humans aren’t the only ones who need medications. In fact, our furry friends can suffer from many of the same ailments we can. From asthma and allergies, to congestive heart failure and cancer, Canada Pharmacy Online carries the pet meds you need.

Finding them is easy, too. All you have to do is search for the medication you’re looking for, add it to the cart and follow the online prompts. Then, just like with your own prescription, upload, email, mail or fax your prescription to us. We’ll handle the rest.

If you’ve been wondering how to save money on the medications your vet has prescribed for your cat, dog, or other animal, look no further than Canada Pharmacy Online. Check our handy infographic below to check out the top 20 pet meds we carry and don’t forget you can always call us toll free at 1-866-920-3784 if you have more questions.

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Locate CBD dog treats near me

We recommend utilizing google maps when looking for CBD dog treats near you. It is important to do your research before you buy CBD dog treats. You will want to check the quality of ingredients and where the hemp came from. If there are no local options, you can research brands online and order CBD dog treats to your address.
Choose healthy CBD dog treats. Inspect the labeling and look for:
Human food-grade ingredients
All natural and organic ingredients
Beneficial nutrients or vitamins.
Nutritionally balanced and complete
Directions of use
Recommended feeding guidelines
Avoid unhealthy ingredients. Organic is best, look for the “organic” seal to avoid:
Artificial flavorings
Artificial preservatives
Artificial Colors
Always look for products that use CBD from hemp grown in the U.S.A. This will ensure a safer product due to regulations.

Locate CBD dog treats near me

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CBD Dosage for Pets Revealed

No matter if you are figuring out how much CBD a human should take, how much a horse should take, or how much you should give your dog it’s all based on body weight and the severity of the condition you are treating. If you wish to use any CBD product for your pet and wonder what is the general dosing size to administer, this vet-approved dosage guide will show you exactly how much CBD oil you should give your dog, cat, or horse. We generally recommend between 0.25 mg (Regular Dose) to 0.5 mg (Strong Dose) of CBD per every 1 lb of bodyweight.
REGULAR Dose: Daily health and wellness, boost immune function, old age, allergies, minor skin conditions, stimulate appetite, minor stress & anxiety, digestive issues & nausea, moderate arthritis & joint inflammation, minor aches, and pains.

STRONG Dose: Chronic pain, severe arthritis & joint inflammation, mobility issues, epileptic seizures, cancer-related symptoms, tumors, severe anxiety, extreme nausea, and vomiting.
Dosing Frequency: To control pain and inflammation, give every 8 hours or as needed. To control anxiety, give 30 minutes before the event (thunderstorm, fireworks, leaving the home, separation, traveling with your pet). For all other uses give once to twice a day.
CBD Oil Dosage Chart For Dogs & Cats
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Potential Side Effects of CBD Oil in Dogs

Cannabinoids like CBD interact with what scientists call the endocannabinoid system (ECS). All mammals (including our dogs and cats) have an ECS that is responsible for maintaining homeostasis in the body. Homeostasis is the natural, balanced condition that optimally supports life. The ECS seems to play a major role in regulating and maintaining the respiratory, circulatory, digestive, excretory, nervous, endocrine, skeletal, and immune systems.
Remember when thinking about CBD side effects for dogs, that CBD is a natural cannabinoid. Your dog’s body already naturally produces its own cannabinoids to interact with it’s ECS. CBD oil is considered to be safe for dogs and cats. It has been extensively tested on both animals and humans in clinical trials and it is widely used by both species.
Can My Dog Overdose on CBD?
CBD is not psychoactive, so it won’t cause a high. There is no known toxic dose of CBD and there have been no reports of any people or animals overdosing on CBD. As with anything else, there is a point at which administering additional CBD will have no further beneficial effect. It is always advisable, therefore, to give a dog small amounts of CBD first and then monitor the effects before increasing the dosage.
Potential Side Effects of Giving CBD to My Dog
There have been many studies that have demonstrated the effectiveness of CBD. These studies have also reported that there are no serious side effects associated with the cannabinoid. The side effects of CBD for dogs and for humans are minor and are listed below: 
  • Dry Mouth
  • Lowering of Blood Pressure
  • Drowsiness
  • Upset Stomach
  • Decrease drug metabolism

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Organic Cbd Oil for Dogs

For CBD oil to be considered organic the hemp it derives from must be grown only using organic growing methods. Second of all, if the CBD oil is truly organic then the extraction process will involve no synthetic chemicals. This is why manufacturers should use a clean CO2 extraction process. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a naturally occurring gas. About 0.04% of the earth’s atmosphere is CO2.
Non-organic CBD oil may come from hemp that does not follow organic growing guidelines. It could come from imported hemp where growing standards are not regulated. Non-organic hemp farmers may incorporate pesticides, GMOs, synthetic fertilizers, or ion radiation in there growing methods.
As for processing, non-organic CBD may use extracting processes that include harsh chemicals or solvents. For example, hydrocarbon extraction can include petroleum, butane, propane, or naphtha. Sometimes solvent residues can remain in the CBD even after the evaporation process. Certain studies have found toxic residual solvents in non-organic CBD. Some of these harsh chemicals may increase the risk of developing specific types of cancer.
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Utilizing CBD for Cats

CBD is a cannabinoid that only grows in hemp. It can be extracted and added to pet products. CBD works with the endocannabinoid system in cats to produce beneficial effects. Although CBD comes from hemp it is 100% non-psychoactive. It may offer help with a cat’s mood, appetite, sleep, behavior, skin, hair, joint support, comfort level, and more. CBD dosage for cats is based on weight. Use a regular dose of 0.25mg per pound of bodyweight for moderate conditions. For more severe issues use a strong dose of 0.5mg per pound.

CBD for Cats

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How to use CBD horse pellets with your horse

CBD Horse Pellets are crafted using full-spectrum CBD rich hemp. Manufactured under the strictest of standards and developed in parallel with the newest research, these hemp pellets are perfect for all horses no matter the size, breed, or class. Loaded with essential nutrients like Omega 3-6-9 fatty acids our pellets are an excellent source for supplemental protein and fiber.
Why Use CBD Pellets for Horses?
The primary reasons people give CBD to horses is to provide relief, offer a better quality of life, and to help maintain overall balance and wellness.  The reason people choose to use CBD pellets for their horse comes down to a matter of preference or convenience.
The common ways to apply CBD are by tincture or capsule form. To administer a dose of CBD tincture oil to a horse you will either have to use an oral syringe and manually put it in their mouth or drip the oil on some of their food or drinking water. Although all these methods will work, for some people, they may also seem like an inconvenience.
For many owners and trainers, CBD pellets for horses are the most convenient and efficient way to give CBD to their horse. The hemp pellets are very easy to administer. Simply count out the suggested amount and feed it to your horse. No preparation needed and no waste. Hemp pellets are a clean and easy way to administer CBD to horses.
Other benefits of CBD Pellets Horses
The hemp plant naturally contains various nutrients that may be beneficial to horses.
Naturally, full-spectrum CBD products will include antioxidants, essential fatty acids (Omega 3 & 6), amino acids, and minerals such as minerals like phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, calcium, sulfur, iron and zinc. Full-spectrum CBD oil should also contain natural vitamins such as vitamins A, C, E, and B Complex vitamins.
All these dietary nutrients may really be helpful to any horse. These nutrients may help to enhance a horse’s performance, avoid a vitamin E deficiency myopathy, and so much more. The list goes on.
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