Are You a Cat Person or a Dog Person? [infographic]

Forget baby fever. I have a serious case of animal fever. The same thing happened to me about a year ago when I got my bunny Bella. Don’t get me wrong, I love my rabbit. She is absolutely the most adorable thing I have ever owned. I just want another friend, and for her to have a friend. While the obvious choice is to get another rabbit, they won’t always bond together. I know for a fact that Bella likes dogs, but I can’t decide what I prefer.

Have you ever wondered if you’re more of a dog person or a cat person? Did you know your personality, education, certain preferences and even where you live influence which you care more for? For instance, cat people are more likely to be introverts while dog people are more likely to be extroverted. Women are more likely to own cats, and students are more likely to own dogs. A lot of these statistics seem fitting, especially based on the personality types of most dogs and cats I’ve come across. I think the most interesting category of differences is how people use or view technology.

After discovering this infographic, I feel no closer to making a decision on what animal I should get next. Unfortunately, I identify equally with a lot of the characteristics for both types, particularly those concerning personality. Since I can’t decide between a cat and a dog, I guess I’ll just have to get both.


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Marathons by the Numbers [infographic]

As you know, the Boston Marathon was this past Monday. Normally the Boston Marathon is a special event for all runners because it is one of the most prestigious running events around. Many runners hold the Boston marathon as a life goal to reach because of the incredibly tough qualifying times. For example, As a 23 year old female I would need to run 26.2 miles in 3 hours and 35 minutes. Thats about 8:12 minutes per mile, for 26.2 miles! I could only hope to keep that pace if I was running downhill with the wind at my back. Boston Marathon aside, marathon races are a true feat of strength that requires rigorous training, a healthy diet, and extreme dedication. Don’t let the qualifying times discourage you, a friend of mine went from being an overweight couch potato, to a 2014 Boston Marathon finisher averaging a 7 minute pace throughout the race. Are you inspired yet? Check out today’s infographic about marathons and see how many marathons your state hosts. Maybe set a goal to complete a marathon this time next year! I’m certainly inspired. I know I already have my sights set on next year’s Austin Marathon! Ready, set, run! [via]

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Cost Of Owning A Pet [Infographic]

22 years old, and college graduation approaches. I can’t think of a more perfect graduation present to myself than a dog. I have a job lined up, a house with a yard- why not?

Well this infographic might make me think twice. It outlines the first year cost of dogs and cats (I’m not a cat person, so personally I’ll be disregarding that but it’s useful info for you cat people).

My first instinct told me that food would probably be the biggest cost. Not quite. Health insurance and reoccurring health related expenses together cost nearly four times the $120 it takes on average to feed a dog for a year. The numbers for cats are significantly lower than that- but it still costs quite a bit more to keep a cat healthy for a year than it does to feed it.

Remember Bob Barker, “Get your pets spayed or neutered!”- that’s good and all, but he never mentioned how much that costs: $200 for a dog and $145 for a cat. I guess that’s s small price to pay to avoid running a puppy mill and or kitten haven, but that’s definitely not chunk change.

Looks like getting a dog might cost a little bit more than I thought- this infographic estimates that it would cost about $1,500 in the first year. Yikes. Good thing I got that job. It’s less than that for a cat- $1,035, but cats are nowhere near as cool as dogs (sorry!). When was the last time you saw a cat fetch? Anyway- if any of you out there are thinking of acquiring a pet, take a look at this infographic first and make sure you can afford it, otherwise you’ll be eating ramen every night to make sure you can feed that furry friend. [Via]



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How To Extend Your Life At Work [Infographic]

I hate talking about work just as much as the next person, I would much rather talk about the football game- or just drink a beer and talk about nothing. However, considering the average American spends 90,000 hours at work over the course of their lifetime deserves a conversation.

There have been many infographics posted about how work (or working too much) can contribute to an early death. With this information, the answer seems simple- don’t go to work! Well, if you have bills, rent, and car payments hanging over your head this is simply not possible. So all the average person can do is figure out why bad habits to avoid at work that are the #1 contributors to an early death.

According to this infographic, the more an individual sits down during their waking hours the shorter their life expectancy is. While the actual numbers may be a little more fuzzy- sitting down (no matter how good it feels) is not terribly healthy. Try and find excuses to stand up and mover around at work. This can be hard sometimes- but it can mean moving a trashcan further from a desk, or simply standing at your desk.

Work is a touchy issue for most. With all the recent findings on how unhealthy the average work environment is- combined with the fact that unless you’re born into a large trust fund you have to work 40+ hours to survive, it can often feel like a no-win situation. However, this infographic has some helpful tips to make it not quite so dire- enjoy. [Via]

HowtoExtendYourLifeatWork (1)

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Creative Routines [infographic]

Alright, it’s time to stop whatever it is you were doing to look at what old white bearded dudes with fancy hair do with their day. At least the creator of this infographic included Maya Angelou, although it does come off as lukewarm attempt to give it some much needed balance. Regardless, the people that are mentioned certainly aren’t irrelevant chumps and there’s some pretty interesting information here.

Sure, you can draw a few parallels person to person, but there aren’t really any glaringly profound patterns that reveal the secret to creative output. Even though everyone here is an early riser, consider someone like Hunter S. Thompson. If he was on here it would show something along the lines of waking at 3 pm to alternate between cocaine and cigarettes until a marathon of writing from midnight to 6 am. That’s a very stark contrast to what you see here yet Hunter was still a fiercely prolific and successful writer. What this infographic is really promoting is that productivity is boosted just by having a routine, whatever it may be. I’m sure though that the benefits of having structure to your day to day life isn’t really news to anyone.

Sometimes it seems like histories greatest minds were superheroes. This is a great reminder that they were in fact human just like the rest of us. They perfected their craft by devoting their time to it, which is something we are all capable of.



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Would You Live in a Haunted House? [Infographic]

Many holidays that we celebrate have one or two traditions that truly define them, but they also have many other smaller traditions. Halloween is no exception to the rule: while dressing in costumes and trick-or-treating are the most defining Halloween traditions, we also have things like pumpkin carving, hay rides and haunted houses that are associated with the holiday. Haunted houses can be a lot of fun to visit around Halloween, with all of the decorations and people putting on a scary show, but the question is: would you actually live in one?

Today’s infographic from the Huffington Post and shows us just how many Americans would choose to buy or live in a haunted home, given the choice to do so. Out of those surveyed, 62% would consider buying a “haunted” house while 35% said that they have already lived in one. When asked what would make a house haunted, most agreed that a cemetery on the property would do the trick, although the answers ranged all the way to having an old battlefield near the home.

For more info on buying haunted homes, have a look at the graphic below. [Via]

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Which States Love Dogs the Most? [Infographic]

Dogs are one of America’s top pets; they are man’s best friend, after all. America has a huge amount of dog owners, with one in three households being home to a furry friend, and two thirds of that number consider their dog a family member. Which states in the U.S. tend to own more dogs than others, though? On the other hand, which states have the fewest percentage of dog owners?

Today’s infographic from the Huffington Post gives us a look at some statistics for dog ownership across America. Most people getting a new dog are going to do so at a shelter, which is usually always good for the dog and shelter alike. Thankfully, very few people obtain their dog as a gift, since giving a pet as a gift can often be a bad idea.

For more info on dog ownership in America have a look at the graphic below. [Via]

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