The Game of Life After 55

What do you have planned after you turn 55? Between retirement, grandkids, traveling, new hobbies, home improvement projects, etc., there’s plenty to do. Make sure you enjoy all of these wonderful highlights while protecting your home and loved ones with ADT home monitoring. Don’t take a risk when it comes to the most precious things in life.


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Identity Theft: You Should Be Worried [infographic]

I sat down at my computer a few weeks ago to check my online banking account, just like I do every other day. I was hoping I had some extra spending money to go out with that evening, but I was surprised to see my account was in the negative. I saw several charges – some of which were pending – from, a site I had never actually used before. I immediately called my bank, who took off the pending charges right away and cancelled my accounts. They told me I was the victim of debit card fraud, and they would work to refund the rest of my money and give me new account information.

I was completely shocked. I went through the whole ‘How could this happen to me?’ moment. Luckily, it could have been worse; I could have had my identity stolen. Whoever got my card information did not actually get ahold of my billing address, which is what saved me from losing more money than I did. But still, I’m being forced to reevaluate where I use my personal information and debit card.

It’s scary to think about how I almost became one of the statistics on this infographic. Unfortunately, the United States is a fraud-friendly country because our cards still use the outdated magnetic strip on the back, as opposed to a microchip inside. And until the day comes that we finally make the switch, my advice for you is to be careful and check your accounts often. Trust me when I say that it can happen to anyone. [via]













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Home Security Systems [infographic]

Imagine a world where every night whenever a family goes to bed, they press a button and 2 ton steel walls close down over their entire house; where everyone has their own personal police officer living in their basement to be sure everything is always alright; and where people are equal, thus, having nothing that others could covet. This world sounds safe, but at a very high and controlling cost.

Now imagine a world where all there is to protect a family is a small steel bar in a wooden door, or a glass window, where the police take at least 15 minutes to respond to a call, and where there are millions of men and women who do not have anything and feel the need to rob for drugs, money or sheer thrill. This world sounds more easy going, but also potentially scary.

It would be agreed that the second scenario is the world today, and everything goes alright, until something goes wrong. Luckily, with home security systems people are able to feel as if they are that much closer to existing in the top scenario. As soon as anything goes wrong in a residence the security alarm goes off, an office is called to immediately phone the police, and the criminal breaking in will generally leave from fear. Any individual who is hoping for steel doors, and in-house policemen should consider this option, because it is one of the safest and most realistic ones available.


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