Eliquis Fast Facts

Eliquis is a relatively new blood thinner making waves in the market. While many drug companies are suffering because of a lack of funding because of so many places being shut down, Eliquis is different. Since COVID-19 has begun, Eliquis has increased in sales. As a blood thinner, it has helped many patients reduce their chance of developing blood clots that could lead to strokes or heart attacks.
There are some definite upsides and downsides to the medication, as well as side effects to consider. But this life-saving anticoagulant medication prevents blood clotting without the need for frequent blood test. However, monitoring kidney function is recommended.
If you’ve been wondering if Eliquis is right for you, check out some fast facts about this drug. From tips to consider while on Eliquis, to the risks you need to be aware of, and even many frequently asked questions you might be wondering about, we have all the bases covered.
Infographic presented by Canadian Pharmacy World