Carpenter Ants – All You Need to Know to Deal with Them

Spring is a season when carpenter ants get very active and establish satellite colonies. If you see some sawdust and wood chips inside your house it is recommended investigating your property for a carpenter ant infestation. We created this infographic that can help homeowners identify carpenter ants and teach them how to deal with them. It is very important to stop the infestation as soon as possible since carpenter ants cause structural significant damage to your property. They create nests in wooden materials by establishing tunnels and galleries and over time these wooden structures get compromised. If you suspect you have carpenter ants in your home, contact a pest control professional immediately. A pest control professional is really the only one who can successfully destroy the ant’s parent colony, including the queen, and the satellite nests. The longer you wait to contact someone, the more time the colony has to grow. Unfortunately, a large colony can quickly get out of hand, which means possibly more damage to your home.