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If your infographic/website is commercial we ask for a $5 donation and at the same time you get a bonus package of 15 Ready-Made, Customizable Infographics On E-Commerce Topics.

Simply fill out our submission form below and we will review your infographic. Provided you are the original owner of the infographic (or a representative of the creator/owner), the infographic does not contain fowl language or … (you know what we mean), we will approve your infographic.

We do display some non commercial infographic for free on but all paid for infographics are published.

After you have submitted your infographic you will taken to a page where you can pay.

Use the form below and include the following information and make our job a breeze:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Title: The title of your infographic
  • Description: An original description that will appear above the infographic.
  • URL: Provide the URL as to where the infographic was originally published so we can link back to the original source
  • Embed Code (optional): You may also include an embed code if you would like more control over how your infographic is published (i.e. where to link back to, alt attribute text, size, etc.)

PS. Please only submit your infographic ONCE and please do not spam our site.