When Sea Levels Attack! [Infographic]

This infographic actually reminds me of when I was a kid watching one of my favorite movies – Water World. Freaking aqua-man Kevin Costner vs. Eye-patch Dennis Hopper. I mean, it’s really a bad movie, but it’s the concept that was so interesting to me. Of course, it was fantasy back then, but now I feel like Water World is even more convincing to me now than when I was an impressionable child who thought that Flubber was totally real.

Haters gonna hate, but climate change is happening whether you like it (believe it) or not. The world is already 71% water–it doesn’t seem too outrageous to believe that melting ice might up the anty on that number majorly. Please, just watch Chasing Ice, it more than clearly shows the astonishing amount of ice that has been (and will be) falling into the sea everyday.

I’m quite sad that climate change has become such a political issue. So many scientists have proven time and time again that what we are doing on this planet affects the planet itself. It just astounds me that we haven’t been doing more to curb our carbon emissions. Well, I guess we can just live in Water World. That’d actually be pretty sweet. Nevermind. Carry on. I’ll pay you one million pounds of dirt to say you never read this infographic. (I want to be Kevin Costner)


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