The Psychology of Book Abandonment [infographic]

How much time do you invest in a book you can’t get into before you decide it’s time to cut your losses? What is your breaking point? Goodreads put together an infographic highlighting the top-five books abandoned by Goodreads’ users. Unsurprisingly, three of the five I have abandoned myself. But reading this infographic got me thinking a lot about the psychology behind an abandoned book.

I rarely abandon books; I feel defeated when it happens. In fact, before today I would have claimed that I always finish books–even if I hate them. I abandoned Eat Pray Love with one chapter to go, Fifty Shades of Grey 250 pages in, and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo after the first chapter. I haven’t read Casual Vacancy for fear of having an abandoned J.K. Rowling book on my record. All of these books were recommended to me. I am afraid that I tend to neglect books that are recommended and then lent to me to read. I generally read books according to where I am in life emotionally. If I am reading a book that I haven’t already created some prearranged attachment to based on the level of emotional support I need it to provide me at the time, I just can’t get into it.

What’s your stance on abandonment? Are you an always-finish-no-matter-what kind of person? Have you ever hated the main character of a book? Do you hide your book covers in the airport because your reading selection embarrasses you? And most importantly, has anyone (other than my sister whom I envy for her reading abilities) read Catch 22 cover to cover? [via]

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