What Drugs May Cause Weight Gain and How to Reverse the Side Effects

Prescription drugs are a fact of life for many people. If you rely on a certain medication to regulate your blood sugar, protect your immune system, or just ensure your overall health, you know the importance of drugs to treat specific medical conditions.
These drugs may keep you alive or may just make your life more pleasant and pain-free. Whatever type of drug you take, there is no medication that comes without its side effects. Some drugs ranging from antidepressants to allergy medications, can even cause weight gain, even if their overall benefits are worth it or necessary despite this unfortunate side effect. The weight gain is obviously worth it for a drug that keeps you alive and well.
So which drugs can cause weight gain and what can you do about? You may be able to reverse or lessen the side effects while continuing to take the medication as prescribed. Review the infographic below to learn more about drugs that cause weight gain and what you may be able to do about it.
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