Organic Cbd Oil for Dogs

For CBD oil to be considered organic the hemp it derives from must be grown only using organic growing methods. Second of all, if the CBD oil is truly organic then the extraction process will involve no synthetic chemicals. This is why manufacturers should use a clean CO2 extraction process. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a naturally occurring gas. About 0.04% of the earth’s atmosphere is CO2.
Non-organic CBD oil may come from hemp that does not follow organic growing guidelines. It could come from imported hemp where growing standards are not regulated. Non-organic hemp farmers may incorporate pesticides, GMOs, synthetic fertilizers, or ion radiation in there growing methods.
As for processing, non-organic CBD may use extracting processes that include harsh chemicals or solvents. For example, hydrocarbon extraction can include petroleum, butane, propane, or naphtha. Sometimes solvent residues can remain in the CBD even after the evaporation process. Certain studies have found toxic residual solvents in non-organic CBD. Some of these harsh chemicals may increase the risk of developing specific types of cancer.
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