How to Make CBD Vape Juice From CBD Isolate

How to make CBD vape juice from CBD isolate:
With this guide, we are preparing a 40/60 VG to PG mix with 3ml of flavor. Feel free to make adjustments to fit your vaping preference. You could adjust the VG and PG as well as flavoring and CBD isolate amounts.
The key ingredients and materials you need for making [30 ml] CBD vape juice are:
500 mg CBD isolate (≥99% pure)
15 ml propylene glycol
12 ml vegetable glycerin
 3ml flavoring of choice (vape juice flavoring or terpenes)
Blunt tip syringe
Double or triple-digit scale (reads 0.01/0.001)
30 or 60 ml empty vape juice container (preferable amber color to protect against damaging UV rays)
Step 1: Add propylene glycol to a clean, empty container.
Step 2: Add CBD isolate to the beaker.
Step 3: Mix propylene glycol and CBD isolate together.
Step 4: Add vegetable glycerin to the mixture.
Step 5: Add flavorings of your choice.
Step 6: Fill your vape tank and store the remaining juice.
How Long Does CBD Vape Juice Last?
CBD vape juice can last anywhere from one to two years, and sometimes even up to five years depending on a few things.
Storage is important for preserving the life of CBD vape juice. In fact, storage is very important for maximizing the “shelf life” of all CBD products. Always keep your vape juice in a tinted glass bottle and try to store it in a dark, dry, and cold place. Heat, light, air, and humidity can accelerate the expiration process, resulting in shorter shelf life.
Signs that your CBD vape juice may be expired include changes in its consistency and appearance and changes in its smell.
Never vape CBD oil tincture:
The problem with vaporizing CBD oil that is meant for ingestion is that if you vape and inhale oil it can actually deposit in your lungs. You can see how, over time, this can lead to serious respiratory problems like lipid pneumonia. No vape juice or vape liquid should contain oil in its list of ingredients for this reason.
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