Online Gambling Growth Rate

Gclub games present – Online gambling growth rate 2016! How is this massive business growing in 2016? We found that in 2016, 58% of the growth in online casino and gambling industry came from Asia-Pacific region!  The industry’s total growth in 2016 is estimated to be worth almost $100bn, an astronomic in the face of global economic slowdown.  This seemingly almost impossible feat is set to continue with no sign of any slowdown.

Despite growing concern of the China’s potential bubble economy the Chinese market has become a main driving force in the industry’s growth, overtaking America and the combine Europe, Middle East and Africa combined!

Whiles China’s phenomenal growth may attract the headline it would be a mistake to forget South-East Asia as their combine growth also rival that of China. The Asia-pacific region’s growth combine equals to around half of the total industry’s growth. Clearly most of the growth is coming from the East with America holding up the West.  The massive shift in the trend is not likely to change any time soon.

Whiles this infographic presents the raw data there are many questions to ask. Why has the growth in China and Asia Pacific been so explosive? Why as Europe been slowing down? We can only watch on wards as it develops.