Top 5 Remarkable Pharmacist Tips for Safe & Effective Weight Loss in 2024

Weight loss plans are often ladened with strict diet plans and increased physical activity, but there are several lifestyle changes that can complement these traditional approaches. In fact a recent survey by Everyday Health revealed that diet and exercise was not the number one strategy for successful weight loss. Asides diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes, other safe and effective weight loss tips may include simple activities such as drinking warm water in the morning, soaking oneself up in the sun for vitamin D, and getting adequate sleep.
As you navigate your weight loss journey, having your local pharmacist as an ally can make a significant difference. Pharmacists are well-equipped to offer tips on weight loss medications, supplements and other lifestyle changes. This article focuses on pharmacists’ tips for safe and effective weight loss such as sleep, hydration, a healthy gut, and keeping food journals.

Infographic provided by Canada Pharmacy World