Most popular tourist attractions of the Ex-Yugoslav region

A trip to Southeastern Europe will take you to the heart of the Balkan Peninsula. There, partially secluded from the rest of the world, are the former nations of the once mighty Yugoslav federation. With colorful geography, breathtaking attractions, and picturesque scenery aplenty, this region must find a way on your bucket list.

Surprisingly affordable, the Balkan allows you to indulge yourself in a number of activities, ranging from adrenalin sports, leisure daily trips, cultural and religious exploration. The cuisine is unprecedented, and the wine so delicious that you will think twice before checking out.

Listening to traditional Macedonian music, enjoying rich Serbian grill, and sunbathing on the magnificent Croatian shore, you will have the vacation of a lifetime.

The affordable prices might allow you to rearrange your accommodation plans, and stay a while longer, while enjoying the full scope of the Balkan experience. Hiking through formidable mountain terrain, paragliding on top of breathtaking scenery, and sunbathing on sandy beaches, this region provides a garden variety of special moments to enjoy. 

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