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The Little Book of Shocking Global Facts (Little Book Of... (Fiell Publishing))

Combining startling graphic imagery with truly shocking facts gathered from the world's most authoritative sources, The Little Book of Shocking Global Facts is a powerful visual manifesto by the world's most respected graphic designer, Jonathan Barnbrook and his studio. How is it that the developed world spends billions of dollars annually on weaponry, while the poor of the developing world have no access to education, medicines or even clean drinking water? What exactly is the relationship between cheap goods on the high street and the wage-slavery of sweatshops? How have large corporations branded the world in which we live? The Little Book of Shocking Global Facts addresses these questions and many more besides, through its thought-provoking imagery and the persuasiveness of its first-rate research. This landmark publication demonstrates compellingly through words and pictures that unfettered globalisation is a highly destructive force when used for profit or political power, and t

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In this infographic from American Addiction Centers, you can find many hidden costs of excessively consuming alcohol. The costs do include criminal justice fees, health care costs to treat alcohol dependency and alcohol abuse, impaired productivity at work because of alcohol consumption, and motor vehicle crashes. The total of alcoholism in the US, annually, is approximately $223.5 billion. Read this infographic to understand the breakdown of the $223.5 billion a year in hidden costs of alcoholism.

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<а>The Hidden Costs of Alcoholism - An Infographic from American Addiction Centers

Creating Maps, Charts, and Infographics with Adobe Illustrator: Learn by Video

Acclaimed data visualization instructor and journalist Alberto Cairo provides you with a brief introduction to Adobe Illustrator’s tools and basic drawing techniques before diving into more advanced instructions specific to creating infographics. For example, if you’re already familiar with Illustrator, you can skip ahead to lessons that teach you how to use Illustrator’s Graph tool to design charts and greatly improve the look of your graphics. You’ll also learn how to trace maps; create complex, explanatory vector illustrations; use advanced coloring techniques; simulate 3D effects to create infographics in perspective; and use Illustrator’s Pen tool to draw just about anything. The video is wrapped in a unique interface that allows you to jump to any topic and also bookmark individual sections for later review. The unique Watch-and-Work mode shrinks the video into a small window to allow you to work alongside in Illustrator using project files that are included with the vi

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