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In case you didn’t know, AdWords is Google’s online advertising program that helps people market products or services through the Google search engine and its affiliated websites. Advertisers bid on certain keywords so their ads will appear on the top or right side of the search results, usually as a sponsored link. For example, if you are the owner of a pilates studio, you might use “pilates class” as a keyword phrase to try and increase traffic to your website. Additionally, AdWords is a “pay-per-click” system, which means that you’re not charged when the ad is displayed, but when someone actually clicks on the ad to visit your website. Even though there are a lot of ways to use AdWords to your advantage, not everyone will have the same success rate. What works for a cupcake shop will probably not work the same for a tattoo parlor. If you’re in the market for a new marketing campaign, it’s never too late to turn to AdWords. The infographic below mentions which campaigns you should invest in and explains terms like match types, which let Google know how closely you want your ads to match keyword searches. The best way to increase the chances of this program helping your business is to get familiar with how it works, and this is a good place to start. [MediaWorks]
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You visit every day, but how many other people do? The short answer: a lot. Take a look at this infographic, which lays down the numbers and ranks the top ten major website’s traffic. How does YouTube’s traffic compare to say, eBay’s? Will this data change the way you think about top websites? Maybe your favorite major website is ranking lower than you expected. All of the information is here, neatly organized, and eagerly waiting to be consumed. Take a gander at this infographic, and see which sites people are visiting most!


For 30 years, Spirit Halloween, the largest seasonal Halloween retailer in North America, has had its finger on the pulse of pop culture, as the year’s most unforgettable moments often translate to the most memorable Halloween costumes. In recent years, Charlie Sheen won our attention, Lady Gaga’s fashion choices had us buzzing, and the cast of The Jersey Shore fist-pumped onto the scene. In 2013, Halloween enthusiasts everywhere will be twerkin’ what their momma gave them. To celebrate its 30th Anniversary, Spirit Halloween tapped into the archives to identify the box office hits, small screen stars and celebrities that kept the nation talking. The first-ever “Pop-Costume Index,” illustrates the intersection between pop culture and popular costumes during the past three decades. This dynamic infographic includes fun facts, such as: · Perennial Favorites – Princess Leia’s famous gold bikini debuted in 1983 and continues to be a popular costume 30 years later. Even today, nothing says “Bad Guy” like Darth Vader, another sought-after look. · Partners in Crime – Batman and his sensational counterparts – Robin, Catwoman and The Joker – were top costumes in 1989, 1992, 1997 and 2008. · Take a Bite out of the Costume Competition – Twilight’s overwhelming popularity in 2009 resurrected a Halloween costume classic – vampires – in the same way Pirates of the Caribbean helped pirate-themed costumes become a Halloween favorite in 2003. · Not Just for Kids – Children’s hit television programs such as the Care Bears (1986), Barney (1993) and SpongeBob SquarePants (2004) not only won the hearts of kids across the country, but also led the way in costume trends for adults. To find your perfect costume and a store near you, visit
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This week is dedicated to taking a step back and appreciating the backbone of the healthcare industry: nurses. Nurses do everything from aiding the doctor to keeping weary patients entertained. It is no wonder why nurses are such amazing people. It takes a great amount of patience, selflessness, and passion to excel at this job. A lot of hard work and dedication goes into becoming a nurse, and whenever someone decides that this is the appropriate career path for him or her, they must understand that they are devoting their lives to other people and that, in turn, requires a lot of responsibility. So, thank you nurses, for looking out for us. If that sounds like you, and you’re thinking about becoming a nurse, then you are definitely in luck. According to a U.S. News and World Report, nurses are in pretty high demand. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that 37,100 new positions for nurse practitioners will be available before 2022. The world population is steadily growing, and with it, the number of sick people that need to be taken care of. So if you’re looking for job security, the medical field is definitely where it’s at. Whether this is something you want to do or not, always remember that nurses are giving every bit of themselves so that the world can be a better place for everyone to live. So next time you have to make a visit to the doctor, thank the people that assist you. [Happy Nurses Week!]
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A few years ago, I was all about adding Tabasco hot sauce to my food. I even carried a little miniature bottle of it in my backpack in college. Fast forward to a few weeks ago, I became obsessed with Sriracha. So much so, that I even posted an infographic about it. But alas, I have just recently become obsessed with a new hot sauce after a co-worker donated it to the office kitchen last week. It’s name is Tapatio hot sauce, and we have become inseparable. I have a bottle in my pantry, my purse, and at my work desk so that wherever I decide to eat, I’ll always be able  to add a little Tapatio pizzazz to my meal. Never heard of Tapatio, or dare I say, even tried it?! If you’re ready to take your taste buds to a whole other level of flavor, I suggest you break off your commitment to your current hot sauce and give Tapatio a taste. You will not be disappointed! [via]
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