Learn Gimp:Easy Gimp Tutorials: Web Banners, E book Covers, Info Art, Image Manipulation, Text Effects, Layers


Learn how to GIMP which stand for GNU Image Manipulation Program this is a open-sourced graphic design software.This book includes easy video and written tutorials to help you create web banners, info art, e-book covers, text effects and more. This is a DIY graphic design book to help you learn GIMP fast. Learn the easy way without having to spend money on costly graphic designers. Graphic Designers are wonderful but we can’t always afford them when we are on a budget. If you have the desire how to learn simple graphics technique’s then you’ll be on your way to creating designs for you webpages, websites, blogs, e books, etc. Try these easy GIMP tutorials and you’ll be on your way. This books includes easy videos tutorials so you can start creating quickly. Trying to learn all this on your own will take months. With the information in this book you can start creating your own graphics today! Get today and get all your projects done.

The Truthful Art: Data, Charts, and Maps for Communication


No matter what your actual job title, you are—or soon will be—a data worker. 

Every day, at work, home, and school, we are bombarded with vast amounts of free data collected and shared by everyone and everything from our co-workers to our calorie counters. In this highly anticipated follow-up to The Functional Art—Alberto Cairo’s foundational guide to understanding information graphics and visualization—the respected data visualization professor explains in clear terms how to work with data, discover the stories hidden within, and share those stories with the world in the form of charts, maps, and infographics. In The Truthful Art, Cairo transforms elementary principles of data and scientific reasoning into tools that you can use in daily life to interpret data sets and extract stories from them.   


The Truthful Art explains:


• The role infographics and data visualization play in our world

• Basic principles of data and scientific reasoning that anyone can master

• How to become a better critical thinker

• Step-by-step processes that will help you evaluate any data visualization (including your own)

• How to create and use effective charts, graphs, and data maps to explain data to any audience


The Truthful Art is also packed with inspirational and educational real-world examples of data visualizations from such leading publications as The New York TimesThe Wall Street JournalEstado de São Paulo (Brazil), Berliner Morgenpost (Germany), and many more.

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